Lindsay + Kasey | Ohio State University Proposal | The Shoe


MARCH 23, 2016


“Ali, Kasey is proposing to Lindsay in a couple of weeks.” Alex whispered with the biggest smile on her face. “Would you be interested in taking photos??” I have been waiting for this question since I started shooting weddings. Seriously, it’s been a dream of mine to hide in the bushes and capture this kind of raw emotion. Well, this was TEN. THOUSAND. TIMES. BETTER. than hiding in the bushes. Kasey rented THE SHOE. Yes, THE Ohio Stadium for his proposal. He wanted to make this unforgettable for Lindsay, and I have got to say that I think he accomplished that! After lunch, Kasey told Lindsay, who had just eaten a giant burger (this is a key component of the story, I promise) that he wanted to go explore North campus because it had been a while since they had last been there- things have changed! These two met at OSU in class and actually worked together for a short time. Lindsay loves everything Ohio State, and Kasey knew she would love this! It had rained all morning long, but when we arrived to the stadium, the sun peaked through the clouds, I kid you not! The clouds parted! As they walked up to The Shoe, Kasey told the man at the gate that they were alumni and asked if they could get in to walk around for a few minutes. Unbeknownst to Lindsay, Mr. Gate Man, who I am certain has a real name, was in on the whole surprise. Alex and I squatted against a wall out of sight, and I placed my second shooter (shout out to Chris Arteno!) out across the field in plain sight. He just looked like some guy taking photos of the stadium, although I did catch Lindsay pointing at him! Our hearts were pounding as we heard Kasey and Lindsay approaching the field. Lindsay stepped onto the turf and began waiving to the imaginary crowds. It was so cute! She and Kasey chatted all the way to the fifty-yard line, smiling and joking around. Then they stood smack dab in the middle of that block O and took it all in. Out of earshot, I was watching for the moment Kasey went down on one knee. I saw Lindsay cover her eyes as Kasey pulled out a beaaaautiful diamond ring (seriously, this ring!). I ran onto the field and heard, “Oh my Gosh, that’s Ali!” Then Alex appeared right behind me. Lindsay was beaming! I was able to grab them for a few photos before they went off to celebrate, and I love that they were totally down for my constant “just one more.” While we were snapping some photos, Kasey told Lindsay that he knew she always said she wanted to go to celebrate at Thurman’s after their engagement, but she had just eaten that burger! It was so funny! Kasey, you seriously did GOOD. And Lindsay, you are going to make one stunning bride. You both radiate happiness. Congratulations on your engagement and best wishes as you begin this new chapter and plan your big day! (ps I hope you got to, or get to, celebrate at Thurman’s anyway)