Jerry | Class of 2016 | Sheridan High School Senior



Confidence. That’s what I want my seniors to feel when they get in front of my camera. I don’t just want them to be comfortable; I want them to be confident. And I want them to carry that confidence with them throughout their lives. I want them to: Be brave. Be empowering. Be strong. Be adventurous. Be clever. Be loved. Mostly, I want my seniors to be themselves. 

I first met Jerry two years ago when I shot his mom’s engagement pictures. He and his sister tagged along and popped in for some family photos. This family is fun and it’s the best compliment for me when my clients return again and again. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to see people grow, and Jerry sure has grown into a handsome young man! 

Jerry wanted snow for his senior portraits. I was totally PSYCHED (is that cool to say??) about snow photos because honestly, they are my favorite. I’m a former figure skater! What do you expect? Well… the mild winter robbed us of snow portraits, but I think we did just fine without it!

Jerry and his family chose the Canal Train Depot for his portrait location, then I suggested we drive to the covered bridge and take a walk through the forest. I love the variety of photos we got from these different locations!

Jerry brought along his Patriots gear, which was really cool. I made some Tom Brady jokes and told Jerry about my grandma’s obsession with the Patriots and Tom Brady- she has newspaper clippings of him hung up in her kitchen. I kid you not. Jerry’s also into gaming, and plays Far Cry Primal, which apparently he is pretty awesome at. I usually just press buttons and see what happens!

Although Jerry hasn’t yet decided what his future plans are, I’m excited to hear which direction he chooses. I know you’ll be successful at whatever path you take! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to take your photos, Jerry! Here are a few of my favorites.