Caleb | Pickerington High School North Senior | 2016




Caleb's mom was so sweet when I spoke to her on the phone about his session. I love that she had a vision for these images and we even spent time choosing a location that would suite their home well. Print your pictures, y'all! Looking at a print is so much better than on the computer, I'm telling you, but I didn't have to tell Caleb's mom. I love that about senior pictures. The seniors may not fully understand the meaning behind them, but the parents, especially the moms, always do. This is your baby! Print the pictures. Anyway! When Caleb hopped out of the car, he had on his suit jacket and tie and really looked like he would rather be hanging out with anyone other than me for an hour - haha!! Caleb was quite, but I could tell there was more to his personality. We started at Victory Park then made our way over across the street to Sycamore Park for Caleb's more formal portraits. I made some small talk, trying to find out more about Caleb to let his personality shine through in his portraits. He was so polite and respectful, but his mom told me he was a jokester at home! Caleb plays the violin and needed photos with his violin for orchestra. I loved incorporating the violin! And for not liking having his photo taken, this guy is SO HANDSOME! Seriously loving his dark lashes and half grin! When Caleb changed from his suit to his hoodie, I found Caleb!! I can totally relate. I could live in a hoodie and jeans. This was his style and I loved it! Caleb isn't sure exactly what he wants to do after graduation, but he wants to knock out his core college classes as a start, and I think that's so smart! Good luck with the rest of your senior year, Caleb, and enjoy life's adventures! Here are my faves!