Rachael | Olentangy High School | 2016 Senior





This girl.

I remember watching Rachael on the ice. I had just started coaching and Rachael was a teeny tiny little thing with the cutest glasses. Her eyes popped. You could tell how much she loved being out there. She wasn't just cute though, Rachael was amazing to watch skate. She had spunk and charisma and I am in complete disbelief that I just took her senior photos. She has grown into one of the most beautiful young women I know. She rose to the top tests in figure skating and she is so smart and funny and I am totally gushing over her because she's just awesome and seeing her smile brought back amazing, wonderful memories from the ice rink. Rachael hasn't lost her spunk at all or her amazing talent on the ice. She is so so so funny and I love her laid back attitude. She's such a hard worker- I don't know how she has time to do all the things she does! She is beautiful and fun and smart all wrapped up into one. She asked me a couple of years ago to take her senior photos and she was serious! How awesome is that. Her mom told me that one of the most exciting things for Rachael to see at OSU was the library. I cannot wait to see Rachael continue to shine after graduation. We actually split her session and did a winter shoot and a spring shoot! We used the amazing outdoor rink downtown and then we went to Creekside for her spring photos! I know this girl has some big dreams and I know she will succeed. I'll stop gushing. Here she is! I have a TON of favorites!