Peyton l 2016 Senior l London High School l Homestead Park

Peyton!! I was so happy when I got an email from his mom asking for senior portraits! I met Peyton a little over a year ago and I was dying to have him as one of my 2016 senior reps!! He is SO charming. He made my job incredibly easy! He's soft spoken, not shy... just polite! (; And he's musical! Excuse me? Can I make all of my seniors play me beautiful songs while I take their photos?? Ha! Just kidding! But it was so cool to have some beautiful music during the session. Also. He puts together the best outfits. Check out that Marty McFly vest! I love his style!! He even brought along his brother to hop in some shots with him! I could have taken pictures all day!! BUT it started raining, so we didn't get to do that. We met at Homestead Park in Hilliard and we just stayed there because we had so many options around us! I had been there before but each time I go back, I discover a new favorite spot! Peyton is a London High School senior and I cannot wait to see what he does after he graduates!