Autumn in the Autumn l CWHS Senior l Fall Senior Portraits

I first met Autumn and her mother in one of Canal's charming little coffee shops. I knew she played basketball, but when Autumn stood up to say hello, I could not believe those legs! Legs for D A Y S! I knew I wouldn't be able to forget my step-stool {Which I have now dubbed as Ja Rule The Stool}. Autumn is so so so so SO gorgeous and I loved the outfits she chose for her fall session. The marsala color looks amazing with her pretty blonde hair and she wore it in a dress and then rocked a scarf in a  deeper shade. I have to call her out though for forgetting her jeans when we arrived at the covered bridge. haha! Luckily, we had plenty of time and she was able to go retrieve them and looked 
i n c r e d i b l e in them! Like I said: legs.for.days. We started out at the Train Depot and Old School House- Autumn wants to be a teacher! Afterwards, we headed into town, out to the covered bridge, and then in her grandmother's backyard- Such meaningful places in her hometown! Her dad had me cracking up as he suggested some poses for Autumn to try- not only suggesting them, but demonstrated them! SO funny! But he also revealed some of the most gorgeous places Canal has to take photos! I had to admit I was a little unsure when he led us through a forest, but the spot he found was AMAZING. I had no idea about the bridge, either! I have a lot of new favorites! And Autumn's mom and dad helped me lug Jar Rule the Stool and some of my other props around town- this is always so helpful! I super appreciate it! I love the closeness of this family and loved seeing them laugh together. Autumn, best of luck on your senior year and in basketball! I cannot wait to see what all the future holds for this beautiful girl.