Welcoming Baby Cooper

Eeeek!!! I am in love with Cooper! He is five months old now. My cousin Kris and his beautiful wife Lauren live in Chicago, and I rarely get to see them. It is always such a joy to have them in town. This time, we got to welcome brand new baby Cooper! He is too stinkin' cute. I just had to blog about him. My aunt and cousin threw an adorable shower for the new mom, dad, and baby. My family from West Virginia was in town, too for the celebration. It made my heart so happy to see all of my family together! Lauren's mother was also in the states! That's right. Lauren and her family are from Scotland, which means they have the most amazing accents. It's a bit ridiculous how much I love listening to them, but I could really sit and listen to them talk all day long. They are both so sweet and I am so happy for Kris to have found the love of his life in Lauren and to have such a beautiful little family. Watching Kris watch Cooper was the sweetest scene. He could barely take his eyes off his little boy.