My Bridal Shower!

Hey everyone! I have been MIA preparing for the big wedding day, but I'm back for a bit! My fall dates are filling up around the wedding! One more month to go and I'll be Mrs. Andrew Yogmour! What?! It's been crazy town around here, but I wanted to post some of the photos from my amazing, beautiful, perfect bridal shower that my maid of honor and best friend, Bethany threw for me. She didn't ask me to lift a finger and when I walked in, I was blown away by all the details! She even made all of the desserts. The cake was my favorite- blackberry! I'm so thankful for my maids that brought food, too! So many people came to support me and Andrew from near and far and I felt so, so loved! We started off with delicious pulled pork and meatballs made by the one and only Brenda. My mom made the macaroni salad that I specially requested. My belly was so
happy. The first game we played was "Who's got the groom?" I died. It was hilarious! My amazingly sweet friend Maggie won that one! I had so much fun watching everyone scramble to win the beautiful prizes that Bethany arranged. They were perfect. Somehow I acquired two of them, and I'm not mad about it because they match my kitchen perfectly! I opened gifts upon gifts upon gifts. We are so beyond blessed to be so cared for! Our house is going to be mostly r e a d y for us. That still doesn't feel real! Andrew showed up at the end to take all the gifts to the car, but first he surprised me with the biggest bouquet of flowers I had ever seen! SO big and beautiful. I'm not a roses kind of girl, and I love that he remembered that. He's the best and I cannot wait to marry him! Less than fifty days!! 

The best maid of honor, ever!

Me + Momma!

Momma Brenda made this!

Me + Momma Brenda!


Maggie does!

I didn't rip a single bow or ribbon (:

My amazing bouquet maker, Emily, and her amazing momma. 

Nope. No rips. 

This was the first time I met baby Eli!

Guys.  Maggie MADE these coasters for us!

Hey, sister.

My maids!

Thank you to everyone who made this day so wonderful!
Especially the clean-up crew at the end! ;)