Rylee's Campus View and High School Track Senior Portrait Session

Rylee! Beautiful, stunning Rylee! My first time meeting her was during her senior session, but I feel like I watched her grow up in photos from her mother. I taught figure skating with her mom and when she asked about Rylee's senior portraits, of course I jumped at the opportunity! The weather was playing games with us that day as I woke up to a torrential downpour... but the rain stopped and the sun peeked through and it was incredible! We started off at Ohio Wesleyan's campus. I had never worked with harsh light and fairly strong wind at the same time before, but the way it blew Rylee's long blonde hair made it so dreamy. She grabbed it to pull it back, and I would say, "No! Let it go! It's gorgeous!" I'm so glad she listened. She totally rocked her session and I love the wine color she chose. My ultimate favorite fall color. And her accessories? Nailed it. The gold earrings in that wind. Swoooooon. And her diamonds with her track uniform. Yes, please! This girl isn't just all beauty, but she's also eyeing some pretty great schools and plans to run track in college. How awesome is that? She had her bball shoes, track shoes, and skates, but I could tell how much Rylee loves track. You could feel her passion for it from the way she spoke. I can totally relate to this with skating. Once you find something you love that much, working hard at it isn't a chore- it's a choice. The wind in your face, feet on the surface. Rylee lit up when she stepped onto the track. It's like she was meant to be there. I had so much fun exploring Delaware with her and her momma and taking her photos! Good luck this season, Rylee! Can't wait to see what your future holds.