Hello! Meet Ali. 

I'm so glad you are here!

Hi, I'm Ali. I'm a lifestyle wedding and portrait photographer from the buckeye state. I love front porch sitting, sweet tea, a good book, and jesus. together, my husband  andrew and I enjoy food, fishing, and playing with our adorable dog asher and our sweet cats, Remi and robin.

lover of the simple life.


What is my story? 

Getting to know my clients and building lasting relationships and friendships is the most valuable part of my business. Capturing your love story, your youth, or your family moments means so much to me. Photographs help me remember. I have just one photograph of the man I look like... and it is a treasure. This photograph is his story to me. I could stare at that photograph forever. That is why I am here and that’s why I decided to start my company, Story Told Photography, LLC. I love creating art, but mostly, I love preserving memories. These photographs will be passed on to friends and family, but also for generations to come. I would love to hear more about your life, your love, and your dreams and capture you just the way you are. Imagine your granddaughter admiring your senior photographs, your wedding images, or looking back at her own mother as a child. There are so many stories to be told through photos. Thank you for allowing us tell yours. xoxo Ali